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    • 管道工廠預制詳圖設計軟件
    • 管道工廠預制詳圖設計軟件


    功能介紹 Function introduction

    產品型號:CADWorx Plant 

    Model: CADWorx Plant


    Latest Version:  2016


    Performance Feature: Intergraph Corporation producing; with English and Chinese two languages available (free to switch); the need for AUTOCAD software operating platform; After the Piping Classfication Database and the piping line database being created, take the advantage of its drawing and model-building function to plot the 3D ISOMetric drawing model with reference toOriginal ISOMetric drawing of Design Institute / Engineering Company. After the fieldweld joints position being confirmed, it can generates the ISOMetric drawing required for installation and the piping spool drawing required for prefabrication, and also export information of the piping line, piping spool, weld joint, requested materials and length etc... Also The PCF can be exported, And again taking advantage of the SmartPlantSpoolgen to generate the ISOMetric drawing and Piping Spool drawing.

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