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    •  管件坡口打磨專用平臺
    •  管件坡口打磨專用平臺


    功能介紹 Function introduction


    Model: PFBGP-16Aa/24Aa


    Pipe Diameter Applicable: DN400/DN600


    Performance Features: Set up rollers and conveyor belts for pipe conveying;Double-station two people are grinding operationsat the same time; the working table has suction tuyere on the underside, front and topside of the worktable, adopts high efficiency and low noise centrifugal fan, operate smoothly, reduces noise to the blower, sets up a deflector to prevent dust from directly impacting the filter element, and adopts long serve life and stable performance filter cartridge, easy to replace,pulse back-blowing automatic cleaning dust, can ensure that the equipment is always in good working condition;Drawer Type dust collection box, ensure the dump dust is fast and convenient.

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