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    What a dynamic century, what an ever changing city. Shanghai, the largest industrial city in China, is renowned famous for its excellent industrial products. Shanghai QianShan Piping technology Co., Ltd is located there. The company is vigorous and ambitious with a worldwide vision. With talented people, first class management, high quality products and feasible business model, it leads the pipe fabrication industry.



    Qianshan focuses on producing pipe fabrication equipment and providing pipe fabrication software and services, strives to become the most innovative manufacturer of pipe fabrication equipment and the most competitive provider of software and service provider with best competitive power.



    Through continuous development and growth, Qianshan Piping has established the R & D, Marketing, Marketing, Service and Management center at Shanghai Songjiang Headquaters, the new product manufacturing and product demo center at Shanghai Maogang Factory, the equipment production and pipe fabrication center at Jiangsu Huaian Factory. The first class facilities, outstanding client-oriented service team, professional expert group and strict quality control procedures guarantee the highest quality of each product produced at Qianshan.


    從第一條現代化管道預制生產線的誕生到第一臺管道預制快速組對器的發明,從第一個商品化管道預制項目的完成到第一次上門現場管道預制服務的提供。每一臺設備,每一個項目,都凝聚了前山人無窮的智慧和辛勤的汗水。100余項專有技術與產品專利, ISO9001質量管理體系認證和CE產品認證,上海市高新技術企業。前山人正在公司核心團隊的引領下不斷走向一個又一個的輝煌。

    From development of first modern pipe fabrication line to the invention of the first pipe fabrication fast fitting-up machine, from the completion of the first commercial pipe fabrication project to the on-site service of the first field pipe fabrication, every piece of equipment and every project bear the great wisdom and persistent efforts of people at Qianshan. The company has more than 100 proprietary technologies and product patents. It is ISO9001 certified and CE certified. It is an emerging hi-tech enterprise in Shanghai. Under the leadership of the core team, people in Qianshan are marching steadily toward more and more glories.



    Qianshan’s products are stable and services perfect. Qianshan has partnership with many companies, such as China Oil & Gas, China Petroleum (CNPC/PTR), China Petrochemical (SINOPEC/KSS), China Ocean/Marine/Onshore & Offshore Engineering(CNOOC/CNOEC), China Chemical Engineering (CNCEC), China Nuclear Energy (CNECC), China Thermal Power, China Hydroelectric, China Wind Power, Metallurgy(MCC), China Shipbuilding Industry Corp(CSIC/CSSC), China Aerospace(CASC/CASIC), etc. Its products have been exported in large scale to Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, America etc. Its products is used in many contractors of ERN Top 250 International Contractors.


    While focusing on development, Qianshan strives to provide competitive compensation packages for staff and to make even greater tax contributions to the community. Bearing the social responsibilities of an enterprise, we commit ourselves to the mission of our era.


    In the future, people in Qianshan will keep on working and innovation in an effort to provide more competitive pipe fabrication integrated & Intelligent solution for customers and create greater value for users, as well as realize commercialization and Intelligentization of pipe prefabrication.

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